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Interactive Virtual Events

Reimagine virtual events.  New technology brings the globe to one platform and attendees prism.  But no one technology can do it alone. 
Leveraging our web design capabilities and partnership with WIX, we strive to create an online and interactive experience for our Clients.  Since 2020, our lives have changed.  We can help you organize your company's online interactive events where you can also charge your attendees, showcase your sponsors and many more.  We can design and build: Conferences, Events, Workshops, Concerts....
​We can help you plan it, secure speakers and topics, market through social media and emails.  We can of course build a dedicated website too! 



Through a process of surveys and meetings we’ll gather all the information we need to have the best understanding of event business and audience.  

Determine if the Event is a public or private Event.  

Determine if this is a full scale event.  (We can host unlimited attendees.

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Creation of a virtual conference or event is a complex process.  There are moving parts that require their own timeline and planning.  

Virtual Events may require a website which we do as well.  We leverage our existing process (See Web Development Page) to create the initial vision.  We apply your own branding to both the Website and the Event page.  

We assume our Client will have the Speakers and Agenda though we can create that as well.  



Our formal process allows the Client to have visibility towards the progress.  We provide Progress Reports and have many collaboration sessions to ensure our Client is onboard with the launch. 


The launching of a virtual conference requires a solid plan.  We have expertise from prior events how to leverage our website tools, email marketing and technology to produce a stunning and interesting Event.  

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Our stunning designs sets up the Event and compliments the Event.

Staging / Backstaging

Live mainstage broadcasting can be designed to lead the Event.


Our reach can be infinite prior or after the Event.  

Virtual Networking

Our website tools pairs people up in one-on-one live videos.

Virtual Reception

Preparation and welcoming is part of the mix plan.


Invite attendees to shop from your store before or after the Event