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Email Marketing

We reach a global audience thru creative email campaigns.​​  Whether you have a website already or building a new website, GBC can help you grow, expand your business and generate revenue.   We can help you prepare your customer data for email marketing and analyze your Google Analytics or other technology sources to enhance your reach to new and existing customers.   Our plans can include unlimited emails, social media posts and many other functions through Wix's proprietary software.  Your website doesn't need to be built on Wix.   

Whether you have a basic website or complex one, reaching out to your Clients is key to promoting your business.   







Campaign & template review of all the templates give us a good overview of the current state of the Client's outreach. 


We come up with recommendations for content, call-to-action, frequency, automation as needed. 

We address any implementation issues in your email marketing, low engagement rate and templates. 

We determine email automation frequency and program strategics.

We use our Partner, Wix to determine how we can tailor our plans and create the plan.

Our formal process allows the Client to have visibility towards the progress.  We provide Progress Reports and have many collaboration sessions to ensure our Client is onboard with the launch. 

We will provide a report of our results and approach for possible repeat of the work.


Email Campaign Mgmt

Our stunning designs sets up the Event and compliments the Event.

Staging / Backstaging

Live mainstage broadcasting can be designed to lead the Event.


Our reach can be infinite prior or after the Event.  

Virtual Networking

Our website tools pairs people up in one-on-one live videos.

Template Production

Preparation and welcoming is part of the mix plan.


Invite attendees to shop from your store before or after the Event